Wholesale Sterling Silver Toe Rings

Wholesale Sterling Silver Toe Rings

Summer is the season of the toe ring and in some places summer is all year round.

When the ladies slip on their sandals, a sterling silver toe ring is the perfect jewelry to emphasize the beauty of manicured and beautiful feet. Gracious jewelry ads to a woman's appearance. Sterling silver toe rings are favored when on vacation but also when the sun is finally conquering the cool days and women can enjoy to show case their latest fashion.

In Asia the toe ring is a jewelry worn by women since thousands of years and they have a symbolic purpose - wearing a toe ring states that a women is married.

In the Western culture the toe ring became popular in the '70ies, when young people flocked to India to seek enlightenment in one of the many Ashrams. Returning to their home countries they often had jewelry and the silver toe ring in their backpack.


The toe ring is now an established fashion accessory and has become indispensable to many women that cherish beautiful small details.