Wholesale Sterling Silver Resin Ring Zebra Resin Rings

Wholesale Sterling Silver Resin Ring Zebra Resin Rings

Wholesale of creative silver resin rings, showcase their black and white resin patterns, or intriguing, glossy snake skins, of eye-catching and dazzling designs.

Hgh polished Hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver resin rings are for fashion pioneers that like trendy and stylish silver jewelry with a creative input that matches their individualistic  style.

Starting from the snake skin patterns to the popular zebra rings, all these wholesale resin rings are handmade! To create a zebra cabochon the black resin is cut into shape and then filled with white resin to accentuate the black color and to create an op-art pattern that stands out prominently, adding a trendy feature with a contemporary look.

The strict rectangular and square shapes are filled with captivating flowing curved lines that set a gorgeous accent to a fashionable clothing style and jazz up the small black dress with a high fashion touch. The generous size of these silver resin rings add to their popularity and they convince with their bright shine of the precious Sterling Silver setting that provides the finishing touch. Most of them come with bands that are adjustable in size and fit any finger!

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