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Handmade, large, oval Mother of Pearl Sterling Silver pendant features its natural surface untouched, delivered straight from nature this shell is cut into the oval form, the circular shape in its center is carefully carved out and it is set at top in the Hallmarked 925 silver rounded off clasp, which is welded to the pipe bail with two adorable tiny spheres. For the rest is this shell left alone, to be able to stage its abundant iridescent luster that enchants women with pearly colors that seem to float on its surface, ever changing with the angle of the light. This Mother of Pearl's surface is uneven and can be rather flat but also convexed, just like shells grow. A gorgeous treasure of the sea makes superb silver shell jewelry that will add its magical touch to the neckline of a woman.
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Price per piece: $ 10.22

Approx. weight 13.90 g
Dimensions (WxHxD) 57x91x2 mm
Color Iridescent, Off-White
Jewelry Themes Stylish & Modern
Material Cut Out, Handmade, Mother of Pearl, Polished Sterling Silver
Shape Circle Open, Oval Open
Total Drop 91 mm
min. in stock order total: 2 piece(s)
min. out of stock order: 20 piece(s)