Wholesale Sterling Silver Coral Stud Earrings Sponge Coral and Blue Coral Ear Studs
Product ID 93217
Small inlay Sponge Coral 925 Silver Stud earrings stage gorgeous, minimalistic coral jewelry that embellishes a woman with a classy earring style. Convexed, square cut Sponge Coral, stages the intriguing patterned flamboyant red color as in inlay in the Hallmarked 925 silver surround, achieving a stunning result. Simple designs with a grand effect stands for trendy and high fashion silver coral jewelry that adds an exclusive touch a woman's wardrobe, expressed in a breeze of silver and a dash of vivid color. Glazed with resin the coral is protected and displays a glossy shine. Secured with silver butterfly backs these coral Stud earrings will not be lost easily.
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Price per pair: $ 9.60

Approx. weight 1.94 g
Dimensions (WxHxD) 9x11x4 mm
Color Hue Of Coral Red
Jewelry Themes Timeless & Classic
Material Handmade, Inlay, Polished Sterling Silver, Red Sponge Coral, Resin
Shape Convexed, Curved, Square
Total Drop 11 mm
min. in stock order total: 3 pair(s)
min. out of stock order: 20 pair(s)