Wholesale Sterling Silver Wood Drop Earrings

Wholesale Sterling Silver Wood Drop Earrings

Our wholesale 925 sterling silver wood drops earings are made of Bamboo, Black Wood, Brown Wood and Coconut. They are all handmade and created with an eye for detail and respect for quality. Sanded to smooth shapes and highly polished the combo wood and sterling silver creates stunning high end fashion drop earrings. The contrast of the black wood and silver inlay or high polish finish silver frame add sophistication and style to a woman's appearance.

Captivating open oval shaped black wood drop earrings add a classic look and flatter the looks of a woman remarkably. Our wood drop earrings are chic enough to complement work attire that is worn at business meetings their stylish and trendy design ensures an elegant style.

Extravagant cone shaped black wood drop earrings clasped in sterling silver caps add an exciting young style. The polished wood is contrasted by the shiny silver band around its middle superbly.

Long elegant smart earrings with silver inlay that wraps itself around the tapering polished wood flanks the features of a woman gracefully and are designed for daily wear.

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