Wholesale Sterling Silver Drop Earrings With Shells

Wholesale Sterling Silver Drop Earrings With Shells

Elegant 925 Sterling Silver drop earrings embellished with mother of pearl from our wholesale silver jewelry collection will enrich your supply with some very fine and gorgeous shell jewelry that complies with the most impeccable taste.


Hand carved shell drop earrings set in sterling silver, come in all the colors and luster mother of pearl is famous for. Drop earrings produced with white to multi colored shells and adorned with Ajoure silver or as a combination with freshwater pearls and gemstones - compose results of stunning beauty.

View the  Shiva Eye jewelry showing off their incredible accurate and fine spirals, in the colors olive green to light brown in an off white surround. These are amazingly beautiful shell drop earrings, that will add a unique jewlery to a woman's wardrobe.

The patterns and colors are endless that are produced by shells, we incorporate shells that come from the 5 oceans of our world and make those incredible earrings your customers were searching for. Each shell earring is a combination of mother nature's beauty, skilled craftsmanship and a stunning design.

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