Wholesale Macrame Bracelets With Sterling Silver Beads And Gemstones

Wholesale Macrame Bracelets With Sterling Silver Beads And Gemstones

Amazing handcrafted Macrame Bracelets made entirely of waxed cotton yarn available in several colors, together with 925 Sterling Silver they become accessories fit for both men and women. The simple shape of the bracelets surrounds the wrist always providing the perfect fit, due to adjustable ties available in every piece.


Our captivating collection of Macrame Bracelets contains pieces both intrepid and lovely, made up of countless decorative knots of various styles that trap all manner of dazzling Sterling Silver beads: spheres, cubes, donut-shaped, discs, cylinders and more!

Glittering or antiqued 925 Silver Charms also make an appearance, enhancing the looks of its wearer with their many configurations: stars, crosses, flowers, diverse symbols, skulls, animals, capricious figures and even alluring gemstones!


The value of our appealing Macrame Bracelets rests on the durability and beauty of the highest quality materials that out skilled artisans employ in creating every single piece, generating stunning handmade creations which are ready to accentuate your everyday outfits.

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