Ordering and Payments

Ordering and Payments

When you select your favorite jewelry and add it to the shopping cart you can take a pause, log off, have a chat and a cup of coffee,when you return to the Planet Silver web site you will find the "My Cart" still filled with your chosen components.

1. Register on our website


Please kindly register on our website first. If you run into trouble, please visit our FAQ page or contact us.


2. Select items

Login to our website to browse our listings and find the items you are looking for by clicking on the desired categories and applying the filters to narrow your results. Select quantity, size and color and add the items to your shopping cart. Logging in to our website is important so your cart can be properly saved.

Note: If you would like to order a quantity of 200 or more of any item please contact us for a quotation.



3. Edit shopping cart

The items placed in the shopping cart are saved for up to 8 days. When you click the "Edit cart" button in My Cart section your shopping cart is expanded. In there you are able to change quantity, color, size and delete an item from your cart. When you are satisfied with your selection, click the "Proceed to checkout" button. Please note that the "Proceed to checkout" button becomes available only when the required minimum order amout of 6000 THB (about $190 USD as of AUG 28, 2021) is satisfied.



4. Checkout

Step 1: You can review your selected items here. You are also given the option to continue shopping. If everything is correct, proceed to step 2.


Step 2: Your current billing and shipping addresses are displayed here. You are also given the option to change  them. When you are ready click the continue button to proceed.


Step 3: You can select the payment method and shipping carrier here. The shipping fee can be displayed for each carrier for comparison purposes. When you have made your selection please continue.


Step 4: Here you can review your order before finalizing it. You can click on the previous steps links on top of your order summary so as to modify any part of it.


If everything is correct click the "confirm order" button. You do not need to pay at this point. We will process your order and email you the invoice.

Now you can view your orders in My Account > View Current Orders.


Please note that if your order includes out-of-stock items their final prices might be subject to review due to silver price fluctuations. Also, you will need to let us know how you want them shipped. Please click here and look under "Minimum Order" for an explanation of how an order is handled.



5. Modifications

If you need modify your order in any way please notify us as soon as possible, preferably before payment is received. If an item becomes unavailable you will be notified. In this case you will receive an email with an amended order summary for your review.



6. Payment

When we verify that all the items of your order are available OR you accept and confirm the amended order, we will either request a payment through PayPal or wait until we receive the bank transfer payment slip from you. We also accept credit/debit card payments via Paypal (you do not need to have a PayPal account).


When we receive confirmation of your payment you will then receive an email from us stating that your invoice has been paid in full. Please be aware that by making a payment to us, you thereby confirm the correctness of the Order Confirmation, the Order Amendment and the Invoice. At this point orders cannot be modified.



7. Ship package

After we receive your payment we will immediately proceed to ship your package. We will send you an email to let you know when your package was sent and its corresponding tracking number. For more information please take a look at our Shipping and Delivery page.



8. Return items

In case you wish or need to make a return, please review our Return Policy.