Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Band Rings Plain Silver Cylinder Rings, Spiral Rings
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Fine flutes are adorning the concaved surface of this plain 925 cylinder ring producing a fancy ring for limitless occasions. The graceful shape creates an elegant and contemporary ring that caters the taste of modern women that like their jewelry to stand out by simplicity, alluring shining precious silver and finely crafted shape.
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Price per piece: $ 9.71

Approx. weight 6.60 g
Dimensions (WxHxD) 22x20x18 mm
Jewelry Themes Stylish & Modern
Material Polished Sterling Silver, Stamped Silver
Shape Concaved, Cylinder, Fluted
Quantity and Ring size
6 7 8 9
min. in stock order total: 2 piece(s)
min. out of stock order: 10 piece(s)