Wholesale Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings Convexed Hearts, Ajoure Silver Droplets, Celtic Danglers
Product ID 0093
Petite and modest, these 925 silver droplet earrings are the indispensable earrings in a woman's jewelry box. Classic and always classified as elegant these droplets Danglers take a woman anywhere at any time. These earrings are always right.
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Price per pair: $ 2.98

Approx. weight 1.77 g
Dimensions (WxHxD) 10x32x5 mm
Color Silver
Jewelry Themes Stylish & Modern
Material Polished Sterling Silver, Stamped Silver
Shape Drop
Total Drop 32 mm
min. in stock order total: 5 pair(s)
min. out of stock order: 20 pair(s)